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Serving Wells Branch & North Austin

Live For More Counseling exists to serve the needs of Wells Branch & North Austin residents by providing our community with the professional and confidential guidance they need.

LFM Counseling is sponsored and supported by Wells Branch Community Church, and serves church members as well as the community at large. Although the church has seen church attendants for counseling over the past few years, Live For More Counseling began in 2017 to provide professional counseling to the greater community. Although the counseling center is affiliated with a church, our professional counseling services are meant for Christians and non-Christians alike.

The counseling center is located in the Live For More Center off Wells Branch Parkway. Look for the Wells Branch Community Church building, and you’ll find the entrance to the counseling center at Suite 500b. See our directions below.

Our counseling services

It is our desire to help the community in Wells Branch and North Austin by providing professional level care. Our counselors have been trained and equipped to help guide you through life’s struggles.

No cost & no strings attached

How we operate

Our counseling center operates entirely on the generous donations of clients and regular supporters. It is our desire to make professional counseling services available to anyone, and we know that people aren’t always in a position to pay the costs often associated with counseling. All donations are anonymous to our counselors, so no preferential treatment is given to those who choose not to donate.

Confidential, professional, and courteous

Our counselors want to lead you to success, and we value your confidentiality. If you want to learn more about our practices, visit these pages for more information!

Help support our mission

If you would like to support our mission financially, you can donate through a number of secure payment methods. Be sure to apply your contribution to the "Counseling Ministry" field.

Meet our counselors

Our highly trained, personable, volunteer counselors will help lead you to success!

Photo of Kayla Hemphill, Director, LPC Intern

Kayla Hemphill

Director, LPC

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Leah & Kyle Brown, Premarital Facilitators

Leah & Kyle Brown

Premarital Facilitators

Michelle & Matt Malone, Premarital Facilitators

Michelle & Matt Malone

Premarital Facilitators

Tony & Karen Molleur, Premarital Facilitators

Tony & Karen Molleur

Premarital Facilitators

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